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       District  Educational Office (DEO), Kothamangalam  is situated in the heart of Kothamangalam Town. The Educational District consists of two Assistant Educational Offices (AEO's Office Kothamangalam, AEO's Office Perumbavoor) and 56 High /Training Schools such as 19 - Government High Schools, 2 Government TTI, 28 Aided High Schools, 1 Technical-High-School and 6 Un Aided High Schools.

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20/06/2016-General Education Department- Higher Secondary Education-plus one admission-,2016-17-No of seats enhanced G.O(Ms)No.102-2016-GED

20/06/2016-General Education- Enhancement of Honorarium to preprimary Teachers and Ayahs of Preprimary classes conducted-G.O.(Ms)No.104-16

20.06.2016- Staff Fixation 2015 -16 -Inform vacancies to PSC

20/06/2016-Muthoot Excellence Award

17/06/2016-HIGH SCHOOL HM/AEO Promotions& Postings Orders Issued

16.06.2016-QIP(2)/3859/DPI/2016-Text Book - Instruction to School HM and SITS

15/06/2016-GO(Ms) No 229/2016/Fin-Rules B-Kerala Service Rules - 10th Pay Revision - Promotion from the post of Junior Superintendent (HG)/equated categories to the post of Senior Superintendent/equated categories - Fixation of Pay - Option granted - Orders issued

15/06/2016-GO(P) No.99/2016/GEdn- Exception to teachers appointed on 2015-16 from K-TET eligibility test

14/06/2016-Integrated Financial Management System - Introduction of online bill system fro grant-in-aid bills - Declaration of Drawing Officers for processing online bills - Approved - Orders issued

15.06.2016-M4/22283/2016/DPI School Building Safety

10/06/2016-QIP(1)/45710/2015/DPI-International yoga day celebration

09/06/2016-GO(MS) No.97/2016/GEdn-RTE Implementation Committee -  reconstituted

07-06-2016 Observance of Reading Week 2016

07-06-2016 Text Book Indenting -Volume II Text Books
06-06-2016 Sixth Working Day on Muslim Schools
06-06-2016 Sixth Working Day -Clarification on SEBC Community
06-06-2016 Sixth Working Day 2016-2017
06-06-2016 Staff Fixation 2016-2017
06-06-2016 List of Localities having a proven educational need as revealed under School Mapping
04-06-2016 Circular on Sixth working Day Details Uploading
03-06-2016 Admission of Students without Insisting TC
03-06-2016 General Transfer for HM/AEO
03-06-2016 Re-appointment under Rule 8 of Part II KS and SSRs, 1958- Clarification

14-03-2016 Pay Revision 2014- Rectification of Anomalies-Instruction
11-03-2016 Text Book Distribution-Reminder from DPI about Online Entry in Text Book Site
11-03-2016 General Education Dept-alternative school education volunteers -daily wages-unified
09-03-2016 Mid-Day Meal -Contingent Charges Enhanced
08-03-2016 SSLC 2016 Latest Instructions to Chief Supdts

04/03/2016-Transfer and posting of officers in the cadre of Personal Assistant to  DEO-Reg:-

04/03/2016-General Education-Ratio Promotion of Senior Superintendent- Orders issued

04/03/2016-Transfer and posting of officers in the cadre of senoir Superintendents and appointment of Senior superintendents-Reg:-

04/03/2016-Gen-Edn Establishment -Transfer/promtion/Re-deployment and posting of junior superintendents/Noon Meal Officers/Store Keepers and Head Clerks -orders issued

27-02-2016 Finance Department - Enhancement of remuneration of daily wage personnel and persons on contract appointment - orders issued..
27-02-2016 Declaring the Headmasters of newly upgraded RMSA schools as the Drawing and Disbursing Officer of the head of account "2202-02-109-99 (NP)" - Sanctioned - Orders Issued.
26-02-2016 Circular: IT Exam for VIII & IX
24-02-2016 Student Police Cadets Project-Management Training for Implimenting Officers of new SPC Units sanctioned by Govt
24-02-2016 Finance Department - 10th Pay Revision Order-Creation of temporary posts for Anomaly Rectification Cell -Orders issued
22-02-2016 Opening of Non-interest bearing Special Treasury Savings Bank Account in the designation of all Drawing and Disbursing Officers with respective treasuries - Sanctioned - Orders issued
22-02-2016 DPI seeking the list of Non-Test Qualified HM/AEO of Govt Schools
22-02-2016 Pension through Banks - Revision of Pension
Press Release | Proforma for Pensioners | Proforma for Banks
22-02-2016 Pay Revision 2014-Modification / Erratum - Orders issued
21-02-2016 Important Instruction from PB on SSLC IT Exam
19-02-2016 Compulsory valuation duty for English, Physics, Chemistry and Biology teachers
17-02-2016 Grace Mark - SSLC - 2016-Instructions | Sports Grace Mark
16-02-2016 SPARK - Pay Fixation : Circular
16-02-2016 Direction to use spark application for the pay fixation of non-gazetted officers - instructions

12-02-2016 HBA to State Government Employees - Extension of date for Encashment - HBA allotment 2015-16 from Budget Provision 2015-16-Instructions issued
12-02-2016 Extended the last date for SSLC Valuation & CE Score Data Entry
12-02-2016 Cluster Training arranged on 20-2-2016 has Postponed


01-02-2016             SSLC Model Examination 2016 - Time table
01-02-2016 Onam 2015 - Festival Allowance for Cooks allotted NMN(3)/63628/2015/DPI dated 30.01.2016
01-02-2016 Directions about LSS Examination 2016
29-01-2016 Implementation of Teacher's Package - Revised Order GO(P)29/2015/GEdn dated 29.01.2016
29-01-2016 Promotion of Aided school teachers to headmaster
29-01-2016 Time Table - SSLC Examination March 2016
29-01-2016 State Level Social Science Talent Search Examination Circular & ID Card
29-01-2016 KSR - Maternity Leave to female officers who join a new station on transfer before expiry of the sanctioned leave - Eligibility
27-01-2016   SSLC Examination March 2016 - Concessions to Children(CWSN)
Proceedings of DPI | List of CWSN Candidates for Concession
26-01-2016 Cluster Training arranged on 30th January Postponed
26-01-2016 SSLC 2016 : Circular about CE Marks Uploading
26-01-2016 Group Personal Accident Insurance Scheme-Extension of time limit for deduction and remittance of premium for the year 2016-Sanctioned
26-01-2016 Rashtriya Indian Military College Entrance Exam Notification
26-01-2016 Alternative school- educational volunteers daily wages-enhanced-orders issued
19-01-2016 Incentive to Girls Scholarship DPI Direction on Last Date
19-01-2016 Incentive to Girls Scholarship DPI Direction on Last Date
19-01-2016 Directions of District Level Science Exhibitions Conducted by RMSA
19-01-2016 Leave salary claims of Gazetted Officers before authorisation from Accountant General - Authorising Drawing and Disbursing officers - Approved - orders issued
15-01-2016 DPI Circular about the Constructions in Government Schools
15-01-2016 LSS/USS Examination 2016 : Instructions on invigilation,valuation,appointment of scribes etc | Instructions on conducting exams | OMR sheet models
15-01-2016 Text Book Indent- Direction to Un-Aided Schools who haven't submitted indent on time
15-01-2016 Kerala Service Rules-Special Casual Leave to disabled and Physically challenged employees - Modified Circular issued
15-01-2016 "VIJAYAPATH" -Reality Show for students of STD 10
15-01-2016 SSLC Model Exam:Time Table
11-01-2016 SSLC Model IT Exam: Circular
09-01-2016 Provisional seniority list of HMs/Heads of TTI/AEO from 13/01/2011 to 03/12/2012
09-01-2016 Details of Teaching and Non Teaching Staff Belongs to Nadar Community-Circular
09-01-2016 Higher Secondary Education- students with learning disability- Relaxation for examinations - Orders issued
09-01-2016 Submission of joining report to Kerala PSC -Instructions
09-01-2016 Compassionate employment scheme- joining period extended-
08-01-2016 Noon Meal cooking charge: Clarification
06-01-2016 Text Book Indent: Instructions
05-01-2016 LSS/USS exams: Online Management User Guide
01-01-2016 State government/aided/special school- Boarding grant,uniform allowance,request allowance- Enhanced-orders issued
01-01-2016  Tenth Pay Revision Commission Report- Part II of the Report


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